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Our Favourite Recipes



Soft Abrasive Kitchen Scrub

1 Cup Baking Soda

3 Tbsp Castile soap

1 Tbsp White vinegar (or Thieves concentrate)

5 drops each  Lemon & Tea tree essential oil 

Mix together , store in airtight container

· Great for stainless steel sinks, appliances and glass top stoves




1 cup Coconut oil (hard)
2/3 cup butter (shea, cocoa..)
4 Tbsp Beeswax
6 Tbsp zinc oxide or arrowroot powder
40 drops  EO's (we like  Purification)
add first 3 ingredients to a dbl boiler and melt
remove from heat- add zinc or arrowroot and 40 drops Essential oil
stir, add to tubes, chill for 1 hr
Makes approx 16 tubes


Face Serum (3oz bottle)

10 drops Frankincense

10 drops Lavender

Carrier oil - great face oils include:

Jojoba, Apricot seed, coconut oil

Add 1 tsp carrot seed or raspberry

seed oil to give it an SPF of approximately 25


Relaxing Roller (10ml roller)

8 drops peppermint

2 drops lavender

Fill rest with carrier oil of choice

Apply to back of neck and temples to help with tension and relax tired muscles


Essential Oil Glass Cleaner

1 tsp. Thieves Cleaner Concentrate

1/4 cup white Vinegar

8 drops Citrus Fresh EO

3 cups water

Add to a glass spray bottle



Essential Oil Hand Soap 

Fill foaming soap containers with

4 TBSP all natural Castile soap

½ capful of Thieves Concentrate

8 drops essential oil of choice (eg:

Peppermint, lemon)


Outdoor Spray


 2 oz Witch hazel
2 oz Water
1/2 tsp Veg. glycerin
10 d  Purification,
5 drops each  lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, citronella & tea tree
* for added protection add 10 d.  Palo Santo 

Moisturizing Sun Protection

Sun Protection

melt in a double boiler: 

1/4 cup each coconut oil & Beeswax pellets. add 2 Tbsp Shea butter.

Remove from heat and add 1/2 cup apricot oil and 2 Tbsp Zinc oxide

add 20 drops  Lavender

whisk completely to combine 

* for added SPF add 1 Tbsp Carrot seed CARRIER oil or Rasp seed CARRIER oil

chill till just set then beat with an electric mixer till light and fluffy

store in glass jars