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So here is a question for you guys out there. Have you started to notice strange smells in your house lately? Have you noticed some odd steam-like “lamps” with pretty lights and steam coming out the top of them? Maybe your wife has changed up some of her skin care routine and some of the usual cleaning products in the house have been replaced with some sort of DIY product? Well I’ll tell you what’s happened to you. Your wife has discovered Essential Oils. And it’s ok, don’t panic. I’m going to help you get through this. 

This all started happening in my house about a year and a half ago (give or take – August 2016 to be exact). It began innocently enough – we have a cottage, there was a huge sunscreen scare that year (ya know, you wear sunscreen and you’ll get cancer from the chemicals in the sunscreen or you don’t wear it and you’ll also get cancer – damned if you do and damned if you don’t kinda thing).

A good friend who was into essential oils (the wonderful Jessica France from Glow-fit) told us that there were safe and effective products that could protect us from the sun without any harsh chemicals.

My wife asked if I would try it and I said sure. I have vitiligo on my arms and legs so I need to use a good quality sunscreen, as I have a higher risk for skin cancer (which I have already had a small spot removed from my scalp).  

This was our families first dabble into using oils and Young Living products that summer and guess what – no burns baby! Ok, so off to a good start. This stuff seems to work – side effect – it doesn’t burn or sting the eyes! It is also an amazing moisturizer (I get dry skin as well). 

Then the same friend caught wind that our then 10-year old son had trouble falling asleep. She gave us a magic potion of Young Living oils and said take this and call me in the morning Ok maybe not those exact words but we were directed to put a few drops on his toes  and put a few in our diffuser (one of those tear drop shaped lights that blows steam that I mentioned above) with water. 

Well the first night that my son tried it he was asleep within minutes.  He hadn’t slept that long for quite some time. 

My wife had also started using what she called a Face Serum (sort of an oily liquid that I found in the bathroom in the place where our face cream used to be) – I thought “oil? On my face? Aren’t I going to be an oily mess?”. Ah well, nothing else to use so away I went.


I started to use it daily morning and night (find the exact recipe HERE) and I found I was NOT oily (well look at that!) and it really helped the skin on my face. I have a history with skin issues and have used numerous creams over the years and this stuff worked the best. Even better than the medicated creams prescribed to me by my dermatologist (which I now know can’t be good for me). 

And over the next few months we started to replace all kinds of products in our house. Harsh toxic cleaning products. Gone. Replaced with all natural Thieves cleaner for every surface of our home. Dish soap, laundry soap, toothpaste even my shaving cream. All replaced with non-toxic, oil based products from Young Living. 

Did I mention that because we couldn’t stop naturally sharing our love of oils with people and we’d in-turn get them their own membership that we got a commission cheque ! Young Living has a share with a friend bonus (kind of like Costco’s share with a friend bonus – by the way DID you even know that! Costco will gift you a $10 gift card – we are Costco lovers so hello! That’s great!). Young Living gifts you $50 if you share your love of oils with a friend! Why double hello! I’ll take it! So before long we were getting a cheque from Young Living – small at first but it was covering our oil addictions (I mean oil buying habits). 

Now it wasn’t a lot to start, but it was enough for my wife to see a potential business opportunity. And the Oil Girls were born.  

So what are the benefits of being the Oil Dude to my wife’s Oil Girls? A healthy house, with a happy wife and sleeping children. Extra income coming in every month from a new source that keeps growing. My skin looks great and I’m learning about how these oils can help me deal with pain and all the other things that start to happen as we get older. These are just the tip of the iceberg. You can look for yourself on the internet and find all kids of great information on how Essential Oils can help you and your family. And guys, Essential Oils aren’t just for girls.

Peace out

The Dude