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Oil Girls Outtakes

We don't always get it in one take.

DIY foaming handsoap

Laura shares how to make DIY foaming hand soap using Essential Oils

DIY Bodywash

Laura shares her DIY Boadywash recipe using Essential Oils

LISA's Soap hack

Lisa shares her Young Living Thieves Dish Soap hack for making it last longer


Lisa shows you how to DIY Poo-Pouri, with Essential Oils

DIY Toilet Pucks

The Oil Girls Show you how to make non-toxic toilet pucks

DIY Face Serum

DIY Face Serum With Essential Oils

Lola Returns

Lola's top 4 Dirty Little Secrets for Between the Sheets

Summer bbq essentials

Jess France from Glow-Fit guests this week and shares her summer bbq essentials

Therapy balls

Brittany Brie guests with the Oil Girls and takes them through a therapy ball session

His and hers diy face serum

Laura and Scott show you how to make both his and hers face serums, using  Essential Oils

DIY Lube!

Special Guest Lola, shares her DIY Lube Recipe With Essential Oils

Taste Test

The Essential Oil Infused Beer is done and now it's time for a taste test. Nailed it or failed it?

Behind the scenes at the oils Dudes Podcast

 A little behind the scenes of the Oil Dudes Podcast, as Capri shares why she loves Digize

Home brew

The Oil Dudes take over again and this time make beer with Essential Oils

Ningxia Sports Drink

Check out this great video